Statement of Deviation or Variation
Familiarization Programmes Imparted to Independent Directors
Newspaper Publications
Corporate Governance
Share Holding Pattern
Secretarial Compliance Report

1. Memorandum of Association & Articles of Association

2. Policy for Determining Material Subsidiaries

3. Policy on Determination of Materiality of Event

4. Person authorised to determine materiality of an event or information

5. Policy on Related Party Transactions

6. Vigil Mechanism Policy

7. Risk Management Policy

8. Policy and procedure for inquiry in case of leak of unpublished price sensitive information

9. Policy on Preservation & Archival of Documents

10. Sexual Harassment Policy

11. Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

12.Remuneration Policy

13.Dividend Distribution policy

14.Terms & Conditions of appointment of Independent Director

15. Code of conduct for Board Members & Senior Management

16. Code of Conduct & Fair Disclosure Under SEBI (Prohibition of Insider Trading) Regulation 2015

17. Criteria for making payment to Non-Executive Directors

18. Composition of Various Committees of Board of Directors

19. Intimation to Close City Office

20.Intimation to Temporary closure of manufacturing & other operations

21. Intimation to Change Key Managerial Personnel

223. Appointment of Company Secretary & Additional Director

23. Email Update Form

24. Latest Announcement :

All such events or information which has been disclosed to stock exchange(s) under regulation 30 of LODR:

25. RPT Disclosure:

      As on March 31, 2019

       As on September 30, 2019

       As on March 31, 2020      

      As on September 30, 2020

      As on March 31, 2021

       As on September 30, 2021

       As on March 31, 2022

       As on September 30, 2022

       As on March 31,2023

       As on September 30, 2023

26. Formats for KYC:

       Form ISR 1 - Request form for Registering PAN,KYC details or updation thereof

       Form ISR 2 - Confirmation of Signature of securities holders by the Banker

       Form ISR 3 - Declaration Form for Opting -out of Nomination

      Form ISR 4 - Request form for issue of duplicate certificate and other service request

       Form SH 13 - Registration of Nomination

       Form SH 14 - Cancellation or Variation of Nomination

27. Furnishing of PAN ,KYC and Nomination Details as per SEBI Circular dated March 16,2023

28. Dispute Resolution Mechanism at Stock Exchange against the Company and Registrar and Transfer Agent

29. Model Tripartite Agreement between the Issuer Company ,Existing Share Transfer Agent and New Share Transfer Agent       



Process of Liquidation

        1. Order of Liquidation

        2.  Form B

        3. NCLAT order for over turning liquidation

        4. Supreme Court Order reinstating Liquidation

        5. Addendum to Form B

        6. Appointment of Liquidator

        7. Public Announcement for list of stakeholders made on 12th October, 2019

        8. Detailed list of Stakeholders filed with Hon'ble NCLT,Mumbai Bench on 11th October, 2019

        9. E-Auction-Sale-Notice

        10. E-Auction Process Memorandum

       11. Addendum to the E-Auction Sale Notice

       12. Revised E-Auction Process Memorandum

       13. Scheme Process Document

       14. NCLAT Order for Section 230

       15. Section 230 Public Announcement 02 January, 2020

       16. E-Auction Sale Notice 13.02.2020

       17. E-Auction Process Memorandum 13.02.2020

       18. E-Auction Sales Notice 16.03.2020

       19. E-Auction Process Memorandum 16.03.2020

       20. Addendum to E-Auction Sale Notice

       21. E-Auction Process Memorandum

       22. E-Auction Sale Notice 20.08.2020

       23.E-Auction Process Memorandum 20.08.2020

       24. Addendum to E-Auction Sale Notice

       25. E-Auction Process Memorandum

       26. Second Addendum to E-Auction Sale Notice 12.10.2020

       27. E-Auction Revised Process Memorandum 12.10.2020

       28. High Court order dated 28.10.2020

       29. Updated List of Stakeholders August 2022

       30. High Court Order dated 25.04.2023

      31.Third addendum to E-Auction Sale Notice 07.09.2023

      32.ACL Stakeholder Consultation Meeting Form A_11_5_23

      33.ACL Stakeholder Consultation Meeting Form A _07_8_23

      34. Order of Hon'ble NCLT for sale as a going concern


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