General Meetings notices given to shareholders by advertisement 


Scrutinizer Report of AGM 2021-22
Proceedings of AGM 2021-22
Newspaper Advertisement to shareholders -Part-1
Newspaper Advertisement to shareholders -Part-2
29th AGM Notice
Annual Report 2021-22
Attendance Slip
Route Map
28th AGM Notice
Annual Report 2020-21
Scrutinizer Report of AGM 2020-21
Proceedings of AGM 2020-21
Newspaper advertisement to shareholders 2020-21
Attendance Slip
Route Map
27th AGM Notice
Annual Report 2019-20
Scrutinizer Report of AGM 2019-20
Proceedings of AGM 2019-20
Newspaper advertisement to shareholders 2019-20
Attendance Slip
Route Map
26th AGM Notice
Annual Report 2018-19
Scrutinizer Report of AGM 2018-19
Proceedings of AGM 2018-19
Newspaper advertisement to shareholders 2018-19
Attendance Slip
Route Map
25th AGM Notice
Annual Report 2017-18
Scrutinizer Report of AGM 2017-18
Proceedings of AGM 2017-18
Newspaper advertisement to shareholders 2017-18
Attendance Slip
Route Map
24th AGM Notice
Annual Report 2016-17
Scrutinizer Report of AGM 2016-17
Proceedings of AGM 2016-17
Newspaper advertisement to shareholders 2016-17
Attendance Slip
Route Map
Notice of EGM
Scrutinizers Report of EGM
Proceedings of AGM
Attendance Slip AGM
General Announcement
23rd AGM Notice
Annual Report 2015-16
Scrutinizer Report of AGM 2015-16
Proceedings of AGM 2015-16
Newspaper advertisement to shareholders 2015-16
Attendance Slip
Route Map
22nd AGM Notice
Annual Report 2014-15
Scrutinizer Report of AGM 2014-15
Proceedings of AGM 2014-15
Newspaper advertisement to shareholders 2014-15
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